Comics & Storybooks

Fantasy Duck — a new crime fighter is in town, and he’s one bad mammajamma. Who is he? He’s the Fantasy Duck!

Dead in Dodge — Dodge City is overrun by the undead, and it’s up to one man to clear them out.

The Inconceivable Cheetahman! — In this Spiderman/Batman pastiche, our hero Kyle Kirby (aka Cheetahman) must take on the evil wares of Dr. Disgusto!

The Song of the Goblins! — by day, they sleep, and by night, they work underground in the mines. This is the song they sing!

Robin Hood — The town of Nottingham is run by a mean ol’ Sheriff. Can Robin Hood outwit him and save the day?

The Missing Mummy’s Missing Missing Foot — In this short children’s story, the Missing Mummy loses his missing foot, and learns a valuable lesson!

The Ballad of Burke and Hare — In this short ballad, we sing of the terrible life and death of William Burke and William Hare, England’s notorious graverobbers turned murderers!